7 tips for successful blogging

Introduction for first-time bloggers:

  1. Give your web log a profile
    Name and sub-title of your web log, as well as categories and individual postings, constitute the character of your web log. Once this is clearly defined, you will easily find a readership, that will be more than happy to actively participate in your blog by offering comments.
  2. Moderately, but regularly
    Seven times a day or once every seven days? You will soon find the correct measure for posting. More important than the quantity of your postings is their frequency.
  3. Individual, but not too personal
    Even though blogs are a rather informal communication medium and are shaped by the individual style of their owners, you should not publish all too personal matters.
  4. Use plain language
    By choosing a posting title that clearly describes what the posting is about, you enable your readers to find pertinent postings. Thus instead of using the title “office hours”, “our office will be closed on 27.12” would be preferable.
  5. Categorize your postings
    You can define categories in order to thereby describe your postings. Thus you can help your readers to sift and find postings which interest them faster. Four to five categories are mostly sufficient.
  6. Quote contents
    If you publish or comment contents from another web log, either, name the source by showing the relevant permalink, or use that postings’ trackback link.
  7. More blog tips
    Lorelles’ Blogging Tips – Hundreds of Resources for Finding Content for Your Blog” covers everything from blogger types and techniques to blog ethics.

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