Weblogs as research tools

Let your students collect interesting information and links to a subject which they publish in a course weblog. Other students review the posts by using the comment function. In this way, you can crosslink your course to relevant information on the internet.

Why use a weblog as a research tool?

The structure of a thematical weblog motivates your students to delve into their topic even outside of class. At the end, the weblog presents an interesting and up-to-date collection of information, which can be helpful for learning, further thinking and exam preparation.

What else is important?

If you want to make posting to the weblog compulsory, you should give clear instructions. For example, demand at least two substantial posts by each student. In this way, your weblog should not stay empty. Also make sure that posts are written on a regular basis, so as not to lose timeliness. Be prepared to bridge longer gaps in posting by posting yourself.