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Debunking Nature of Science (Part 1)

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Aura lieu le mardi 2 mai, à 12:15, un séminaire qui a pour titre : “The need of refinement of the features of the Nature of Science sometimes stated to be the “consensus view” in science education discourse”. Ce séminaire sera présenté par le Professeur Igal Galili, de la Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Le rendez-vous a lieu à IUEF du Pavillon Mail, à Genève, dans la en salle PM10.

On Tuesday, May 2 at 12:15, the seminar titled: “The need of refinement of the features of the Nature of Science sometimes stated to be the “consensus view” in science education discourse”  is presented by Professor Igal Galili, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The seminar takes place at IUEF of the Pavillon Mail, in Geneva, in the room PM10.

Voici le résumé de la présentation/here is the abstract of the presentation:

Abstract. Until recently, features of nature of science (NOS) were often not addressed in science curriculum at all or addressed superficially, drawing on an oversimplified perception of philosophy of science.  Within the attempt to improve the situation, a specific discourse has been developed by researchers in science education.  Since describing the nature of science involves the knowledge of history and philosophy of science, the discourse on NOS in education is not immune to confusion and speculative statements that require clarification to the wide population of students and practitioners. Such are, for instance, the popular claim of science to be “subjective” or rejecting the need of history of science for containing obsolete knowledge. We have performed several studies, and participated in HIPST European international project to provide a more comprehensive account for the subject.  Within this approach, we have developed so called discipline-culture framework to represent scientific knowledge seeking cultural content knowledge (CCK)* as well as addressing epistemological aspects of science.  The two require different accounts for presenting different types of culture – the culture of rules (the content knowledge) and the culture of texts (the scientific method) (**).  In my talk, I will describe our understanding of the NOS features as mentioned in literature (***) and their correspondent refinement.  We argue for addressing the features of science in the span of variation objective-subjective, tentative-certain, and so on depending on the context.

(*) Galili, I. (2012). Cultural Content Knowledge – The Case of Physics Education. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 20(2), 1-13.  Galili, I. (2014). Teaching Optics: A Historico-Philosophical Perspective. In M. R. Matthews (ed.).  International Handbook of Research in History and Philosophy for Science and Mathematics Education, pp. 97-128, Springer.

(**) Lotman, Yu. (2010). The problem of learning culture as a typological characteristic. In What people learn. Collection of papers and notes (pp. 18-32). Moscow: Rudomino.

(***) Lederman, N., Abd-el-Khalick, F., Bell, R.L. & Schwartz, R.S. (2002). Views of Nature of Science Questionnaire: Toward Valid and Meaningful Assessment of Learners’ Conceptions of Nature of Science.  Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 39(6), 497–521.


Pour plus d’information sur les projets du Professeur Galili, cliquer ici.


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Seminar: Research and Practice in Education Spring 2017

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Capture d’écran 2016-11-15 à 12.58.05Ce printemps, l’Institut universitaire de formation des enseignants (IUFE) de l’Université de Genève propose des séminaires sur la recherche et la pratique en science de l’éducation (Research and Practice in Education Spring 2017). Le premier séminaire, qui aura lieu le lundi 6 mars, à 12:15, a pour titre : “Démarche d’investigation en classe de biologie: analyse de 25 séquences mises en oeuvre par les enseignants stagiaires”. Ce séminaire sera présenté par Mme Marie Merminod et M. Rémi Kopp. Le rendez-vous a lieu à IUEF, à Genève, dans la salle 225.

D’autres séminaires auront lieu durant tout le printemps. Voici l’horaire des présentations: Programme Printemps 2017

uk-iconThis spring, the Institute of Teacher Education (IUFE) at the University of Geneva offers the seminar “Research and Practice in Education”. The first seminar, on Monday, March 6 at 12:15, is titled: “Investigation approach in biology class: analysis of 25 sequences implemented by trainees- teacher”, by Mme Marie Merminod and M. Rémi Kopp. The seminar takes place at IUEF, in Geneva, in the room 225.

Here you can find the spring schedule 2017 of all presentations: Programme Printemps 2017


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