Searching with social media

Academic searches with social media – while this might sound like an odd idea at first,

docuteam packer: simple tool for science

The tool docuteam packer helps researchers structure their files in a straightforward way and provide them

New Blog on Crowdsourcing in ETH Library’s Image Archive

5,238 comments submitted, 3,375 images improved, 617 volunteers involved – impressive figures for the Image Archive’s

Bridging the Curation Gap between Research and Libraries – A Case Study

In the last decades, research has more and more become a digital enterprise, which led to

Knowledge Portal: ETHorama resources georeferenced and grouped

ETH-Bibliothek’s Knowledge Portal uses georeferencing and document recommendations from the platform ETHorama to enhance its search

E-Pics: 3D and zoom viewer

Viewing mountain crystals from all angles and spotting the little details in aerial photographs: thanks to a