E-Periodica – Swiss journals on a new-look platform

E-Periodica, platform for digitized Swiss journals, has been given a makeover as part of a technical overhaul. In the course of this comprehensive relaunch, retro.seals.ch was renamed E-Periodica. Under this Name,  ETH-Bibliothek’s  platform has been online since March 2016.


Figure 1: the retro.seals.ch (until February 2015) and E-Periodica homepages (from March 2016)

E-Periodica: now ready for mobile web use

The main aim of the new-look website is to meet the demands resulting from the increasing popularity of mobile devices. The platform was realised in a responsive web design, which makes it easy to use on a variety of different end devices.

For good usability, central functions such as displaying the list of contents, accessing additional information on individual journals or switching to zoom view were developed. Further information on individual websites or journal contents was accommodated in so-called “off-canvas” elements (elements outside the display), which can be faded in if required. Consequently, it is now possible to provide additional information without compromising the clarity of the user interface.

What’s new at E-Periodica?

  1. Homepage
    The homepage enables a visual introduction into the variety of journals. Every journal is displayed with the latest cover. In order to avoid having to wait for the page to load, an optimised loading process – so-called “lazy loading” is used. The data load is minimised by loading the homepage images one by one during Scrolling.
  2. Search tool
    The search tool offers a combined search and filter option. For a basic search, the filter responds dynamically by filtering and ordering the selection of journals found while the search terms are being entered in the search field.
  3. Split view: two-part display
    The split view enables an overview of the contents of the journal’s issues to be displayed alongside the page preview, where you can browse through the journal without affecting the content overview. This means you can access other articles directly. All pages in a volume can also be displayed as thumbnails and general information on the journal in question is available in another Register.

Figure 2: Split view with list of contents and page view

Once search terms are entered in the search tool, the list of hits is displayed in a similar way. Here, the list of hits is located next to the page preview with the search terms highlighted.


Figure 3: Split view with list of hits and page view

E-Periodica at “Best of Swiss Web Award 2016”

The platform’s relaunch was awarded three medals in all by Best of Swiss Web: two silvers in the categories “Technology” and “Usability” and bronze in the category “Mobile Web”.


Figure 4: The project team at #BOSW16

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.

DOI Link: 10.16911/ethz-ib-2449-en